Picture from The Historical, Architectural Analysis, And Restoration Plan for the Hans Hanson House, 15 Dec 2009 Prepared by Alan Pape for The Door County Historical Society

The log house was built around 1856 and the Door Country Historical Society is planning to restore it to how it would have looked in 1875-85. The goal is to earn a state and / or national historic designation. The restoration project would be a tribute to our forefathers to whom we all owe so much.


Picture of Hanson House Front 2009. Picture provided by Lynette Thonne.

Originally from the Village of Hurum, in the county of Buskerud, near the shore of the Oslofjord in Norway, Hans Hanson used his skills as a carpenter and ship builder to construct a log house typical of Norway and was different than the other Norwegian settlers who built homes in the area. Even today, many of the joints are still so tight you cannot slip an knife between the logs.

The land chosen for the site of the house has historical significants. In an 1834 mapping of the area, the land was indicated as being the site of a prehistoric trail or portage for people crossing from Lake Michigan to Sturgeon Bay.

Picture of Hanson House Front / Right Side 2009. Picture provided by Lynette Thonne.

The Hanson House Project and Door County Historical Society, an 80 year old organization committed to the preservation of our history and culture for future generations, needs your help. They are asking all people with a Norwegian heritage or those who are just fond lovers of American history to consider this, “a one time in our lives chance to bring our mutual common heritage to life.”

The Door County Historical Society is a 501(c)3 organization. Their goal is to raise money from individuals or groups as well as from grants in order to complete the project. Any additional monies would be used to establish a fund for the long term maintenance of the house.

The hope was that this project will be completed by autumn 2011, with the house becoming part of Heritage Village at Big Creek, ensuring access to the public. Due to the downturn in the economy, work has progressed more slowly. Currently, there is funding to finish the exterior and basement. Additional funding is being sought to restore the interior.

Check out some of the recent photos from May 2011 that have been recently added.

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